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Salem Cigarettes

Salem cigarettes were introduced by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1956. Salem CigarettesThey are the sister brand to Winston, as they are both named after Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where R.J. Reynolds was founded. Salem is currently owned by Imperial Tobacco in the U.S. and Japan Tobacco internationally. R.J. Reynold sold Salem and Winston to Imperial Tobacco when Reynolds bought Lorillard Tobacco in 2014.

Salem cigarettes were the first-ever filtered menthol cigarette on the market. Kool cigarettes had been the primary mentholated cigarette option since the 1930s. However, they were unfiltered and touted as a medicinal brand. Salem was the first to promote itself as an everyday menthol cigarette and include a filter tip. In the U.S., menthol cigarettes make up about 30 percent of the total cigarette market. The country that consumes the most menthol cigarettes is the Philippines, with around 60 percent of the population smoke mentholated cigarettes.
Salem cigarettes use only naturally derived menthol oil from the corn mint plant. Corn mint is also called wild or field mint. Some brands also use synthetically produced menthol. Most menthol cigarettes contain more flue-cured tobaccos and less oriental or burley varieties. The flue-cured tobacco pairs better with the menthol, although, with the right blending techniques, any tobacco variety can be used.
There are several methods for adding menthol to cigarettes. It can be sprayed on the tobacco, injected into the filter or applied to the cigarette paper. Recently, many companies have added crushable capsules to their filters. Most mentholated cigarettes contain at least .3 percent and up to 2 percent menthol. Light cigarettes, or those that promote having less tar, will have more menthol. The increased ventilation and filtration methods used in light cigarettes reduces the menthol taste.

Salem CigarettesSalem Menthol Green
Enjoy the fresh, light taste of this premium tobacco Salem Cigarettesblended expertly with cool-mint freshness. With 6 mg of tar and .5 mg of nicotine, these are the light cigarette version of the classic Salem Menthols. Because of the addition of menthol, these won't be hot or harsh on the throat. One can savor the light, crisp aroma and smoke that these relaxing cigarettes provide.

Salem Menthol Original
Salem Menthol cigarettes offer a rich, full-flavored smoking experience paired beautifully with natural, fresh mint taste. With a clean and creamy aroma, these cigarettes will satisfy every time. If one is looking for a well-balanced menthol, this classic option will provide the ideal crisp tobacco bite.