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Parliament Cigarettes

Parliament CigarettesParliament cigarettes hit the market in 1931. They were launched by Philip Morris, now known as Altria. Their claim to fame was their recessed filtered tip. Filtered cigarettes started to appear in the 1930s but were not common until the 1950s. Originally, their intention was to block loose tobacco leaves from entering the smoker's mouth. Later, they were promoted as a health advantage.

The unique design of the recessed filter prevents tar from touching the smoker's lips or tongue. As tar can be bitter when tasted, the design improves the overall flavor of the cigarette. Many find that the cigarette can be held in the mouth longer without the staining and burning associated with filterless cigarettes.

Parliaments only make-up about 2 percent of U.S. cigarette sales. They are very popular in Russia, Japan and several European countries. Swiss Parliaments at one time featured a series of cigarette packs featuring Marilyn Monroe. United States Parliaments had a series of George Bush Jr. pack covers. Charlie Sheen also promoted the company in the 1990s.

Parliament cigarettes are traditionally a blend of Turkish and burley tobaccos. They are a quality cigarette known for their soft, smooth taste. The tobaccos are carefully blended to ensure a pleasant smoking experience. The smoothness of the tobacco blend combined with the recessed filter guarantees the smoker a cleaner, more enjoyable smoke flavor and aftertaste.

Parliament Full Flavor King Size
The Parliament Full Flavor Kings are a full-bodied cigarette option. Even though Parliaments are known for their smoothness, they still offer a rich tobacco flavor. This cigarette is ideal for those looking for a hearty cigarette with a pleasant aroma and creamy smoke. They contain 10 mg of tar and .8 mg of nicotine.

Parliament Silver King
With only 3 mg of tar and .3 mg of nicotine, Parliament Silver Kings are an ultra-light, fresh cigarette. The delicate tobacco taste is perfectly balanced for a mild smoking experience. The recessed filter further protects the lips and tongue from the sharp taste of tar. One truly enjoys the delicate sweetness of tobacco in these cigarettes.

Parliament Super Slims
With the Parliament Super Slims, one gets a fresh, smooth cigarette taste in a refined design. For a slim cigarette, these are surprisingly bold as they contain 5 mg of tar and .5 mg of nicotine. This cigarette is perfect for smokers who want an elegant cigarette with a medium-bodied smoke.

Parliament Night 100's
Parliament Night 100's cigarettes are primarily made for the international market. They are a hearty yet smooth, medium-bodied cigarette. Containing 8 mg of tar and .6 mg of nicotine, they offer the smoker a well-balanced, clean tobacco aroma. If one is looking for a perfectly smooth cigarette that offers a genuine tobacco taste, this cigarette is an excellent choice.

Parliament Blue 100's

Parliament Blue 100's unique tobacco blend creates a mellow but rich aroma. The smoker can savor the flavor of true tobacco without any harsh aftertaste. Parliament's signature filter aids in providing a fulfilling and relaxing smoke. Parliament Blues contain 6 mg of tar and .5 mg of nicotine. The specially formulated 100's are slightly longer than average. They have a longer filter and a higher tobacco content.