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Pall Mall Cigarettes

For over 100 years, Pall Mall cigarettes have been one of the most iconic brands in the tobacco industry. Known for their rich presentation of fine tobacco flavor, these cigarettes have even assumed a place in pop culture thanks to many references in books and films.

In 1899, the UK-based Black Butler Company introduced what it claimed was a premium cigarette manufactured for the upper class. They named their new brand after a popular London Street, Pall Mall. The very first advertisements for Pall Mall called the cigarettes "incomparable" and praised their smoothness.

Pall Mall CigarettesAmerican Tobacco purchased the brand in 1907 and Pall Mall quickly became a test subject for its new owners. Pall Mall was the first brand to introduce 85mm "king-size" cigarettes. This size is standard for most cigarettes today. The brand changed the industry once again in 1966 when they introduced "long" cigarettes of 100mm, today commonly called 100's. All of these innovations combined to make Pall Mall the best-selling American cigarette of the 1960's. It held the title until eventually being overcome by Winston.

Today, the Pall Mall brand is owned by tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds and has undergone a makeover to compete with value-brand cigarettes. Not surprisingly, it has become the number one brand for Reynolds. Once again, Pall Mall is on top of the world.

Pall Mall Varieties

For many years, the Pall Mall non-filter cigarette was the brand's hallmark. This was followed by Pall Mall Red which continues to be a top-selling filtered cigarette. Pall Mall Red is a bold blend that has a full-bodied flavor. It is sold in a red pack with the iconic Pall Mall logo.

Pall Mall Menthol is sold in a green pack and delivers a cool, refreshing menthol flavor that is quite strong. Pall Mall Blue is a light version of the traditional blend, while Pall Mall Orange is an ultra-light variety. These designations are used because tobacco companies are no longer allowed to use "Light" or "Ultra-Light" in their product descriptions.

Two new varieties of menthol cigarettes have recently been introduced by the brand. Pall Mall Menthol Black is a bold blend that tempers the menthol taste with traditional tobacco. Pall Mall Menthol White is the light version of the brand's regular menthol cigarette.

Pall Mall in American Culture

Pall Mall assumed the status of an industry icon many years ago. This status has continued to be promoted thanks to the mention of Pall Mall cigarettes in many popular pieces of literature and film.

Perhaps the most famous references come from author Kurt Vonnegut, himself a Pall Mall smoker. Vonnegut was known to use the cigarettes in many of his classic novels. Author Stephen King has also put Pall Mall cigarettes in the hands of some of his famous characters.

Pall Mall was endorsed in the 1950's by television and film star Lee Marvin. Marvin's tough guy appeal was a good match for the brand. Throughout the years, Pall Mall sponsored many television programs until this was no longer permitted. 

American culture has come to associate Pall Mall with a strong, robust cigarette that is meant to be savored in tandem with the finer things in life.