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Davidoff Cigarettes

Davidoff cigarettes are a luxury Swiss cigarette brand. The brand was founded by Zino Davidoff. His family was originally from Russia. Davidoff CigarettesThey fled Russia and moved to Switzerland where they started a tobacco shop. After college, Zino Davidoff went to Latin America to learn and experience real tobacco farming. He spent over two years on a Cuban plantation where he was introduced to Cuban cigars.

Zino returned to Switzerland and took charge of his parent’s tobacco shop. What had once been a simple tobacco shop grew into a profitable and upscale business. Davidoff later sold his shop to the Max Oettinger Company for over $1 million, an extremely large sum of money for that time. Today the cigarette portion of the company is owned by Imperial Brands. The rest of the company, including cigars and luxury items, is still owned by the Oettinger Davidoff group.

Zino Davidoff was a man who enjoyed the simple things in life. He believed that if you did something, you should do it well. He was passionate about fine cigars and quality tobacco. He lived by the philosophy "less is more" and believed you should enjoy every moment. Zino wrote several books on cigars and cigar smoking. He also invented and modified humidors to replicate the climate needed to preserve a cigar’s flavor and texture.

Davidoff cigarettes are known for their distinct aroma and smoky flavor. They offer a long and steady burn. Davidoff cigarettes are a unique blend of Virgina, oriental and Turkish tobaccos. Their packaging is superior in design and functionality.

Davidoff Classic
Davidoff Classics are a full-flavored, classic cigarette. Containing 10 mg of tar and .9 mg of nicotine, these cigarettes are ideal for those wanting a smooth yet rich smoking experience. They have a pleasant aroma and aftertaste. These cigarettes are free of the harsh chemical taste associated with lower-end lines. 

Davidoff Gold
These are a well-balanced, light cigarette. They offer a smooth flavor but still have a distinct tobacco taste. Their aroma is pleasant and not harsh. With Golds, the smoker can savor the clean, fresh tobacco blend. They contain 7 mg of tar and .7 mg of nicotine.

Davidoff Gold Slims
Gold Slims are an elegant cigarette in a slim design. These cigarettes deliver a rich, yet balanced smoke, with a light sweetness. Ideal for those looking for a clean, fresh taste with no heaviness. They contain only .6 mg of nicotine and 7 mg of tar.

Davidoff Magnum Classic
These are one of the first cigarettes created by Zino Davidoff. They contain 10 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine. Davidoff Magnum Classics are the heartiest cigarette of the blends, offering a velvety tobacco punch while remaining smooth and flavorful. With their pronounced tobacco character and lush smoke, these are a popular choice.

Davidoff White
A popular white cigarette, the Davidoff Whites produce a silky, soft smoke. With only 1 mg of tar and .1 mg of nicotine, this cigarette is ideal for those wanting an elegant, ultra-light flavor. These produce a mellow tobacco smoke with a pleasant aroma and taste.

Davidoff White Superslims
The White Superslims offer the same gentle tobacco smoking experience as the regular Davidoff Whites but in a super-slim design. Smokers will enjoy the subtle tobacco essence of these refined cigarettes. With a light aroma and sweet aftertaste, these are an upscale and refined cigarette option.