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History of Cigarette's 1829 - 1963 Zippo Advert

In 1929, Philip Morris buys its first manufacturing plant -- in Virginia.

In 1930, German scientists find statistical correlation between smoking and cancer.

In 1932, Blaisdell invents Zippo lighter.

In 1933, first government price supports for tobacco farmers.

In 1933, Kool cigarettes first come to market.

In 1933, Cigarettes first appear on shelves in 'carton' form.

In 1939, Fortune magazine says 53% of adult males smoke in the USA.

In 1940, It is reported that cigarette consumption has almost doubled in ten years.

In 1945, In post-war Germany, cigarettes become the unofficial currency, valued at 50 cents each.

In 1949, It's reported that one in three women smoke.

In 1951, Winston cigarettes introduced to market.

Marlboro Cowboy Advert

In 1952, Kent cigarettes, with its asbestos filter, debuts.

In 1953, The American Medical Association bans cigarette advertisement in its publications.

In 1954, Cigarette companies take out ads refuting that cigarettes can cause lung cancer.

In 1954, RJR is sued by spouse for causing husband's cancer and subsequent death. Court rules RJR not responsible.

In 1954, The Marlboro Cowboy created for advertising. Marlboro has about 1% of the market.

In 1954, First product liability case brought against a tobacco company. Philip Morris prevailed but not until 1962.

In 1956, Lorillard discontinues the Micronite filter in Kent cigarettes (the one with asbestos).

In 1956, RJR debuts Salem cigarettes.

In 1957, The relationship between smoking pregnant mothers and under-weight infants is asserted in medical journal.

In 1960, Pall Mall becomes the top selling brand. It will remain so until 1966.

In 1960, First litigation lost by a tobacco company in another cancer case. In retrial, tobacco company prevails.

In 1963, The 'Marlboro Man' becomes the only character to sell Marlboros in Philip Morris' ad campaigns.

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