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Silk Cut Cigarettes

Silk Cut CigarettesThe Silk Cut cigarette has evolved from a thin cylindrical shaped paper filled with ground tobacco - a psychoactive substance, which has a long history and was used for religious and leisure activities back in the day has now found its way to several countries across the globe.

There has been mass production of cigarettes in factories. In the early days, people rolled cigarettes using their hands. Today the mass production of cigarettes has led to an increase in consumption since they are addictive.

Several brands have been produced over the years. One of them being Silk Cut, a British brand owned and manufactured by a group called Gallaher, a Japan Tobacco division. It has a distinctive white packaging, with its brand name written in either silver, red, purple, white, green, and blue. This brand was introduced in 1964 and has been in the market ever since.

The early days of its launch,it contained about 74% tobacco and about 26% Cytrel, a substitute for tobacco-containing cellulose. Nowadays, Cytrel is omitted, freeing the cigarettes from additives.

Many people came to know about this brand in the 1970s and 1980s, as they became more aware of the effects of smoking leading consumers to switch to a brand with lower amounts of tar.

A Royal Warrant of Appointment was held by the manufacturing company Gallaher for about 122 years. In 1999, Queen Elizabeth II revoked it. The Prince of Wales, her son, was actively campaigning against smoking. Therefore, this is thought to be the reason why she made that decision. A one year allowance was given to Gallaher to have the Royal Coat of Arms removed from the brand packaging.

Silk Cut Silver CigarettesA lower tar version of Silk Cut is now available with an ultra-low tar of 0.1mg. In addition to its name, it is well-recognized as a brand that offers low tar products and has increased sales to health-conscious consumers.

1mg of tar and 0.1 mg of nicotine is contained in the Silk Cut Silver cigarettes, making it one of the lowest level cigarette.
The medium level Silk Cut Blue has 0.3mg of nicotine and 3mg of tar.
The strongest Silk Cut Purple is made up of 1mg Tar and Nicotine of 0.1mg.
A 0.01mg Nicotine is contained in the Silk Cut White cigarettes alongside 0.5mg of tar. The brand has a type of cigarette that has a Menthol flavor.
Silk Cut Purple Cigarettes

It is not that the nicotine in the tobacco contained in Silk Cut is of a lower level, but the filter design allows air to mix with the smoke because it has more holes than the regular cigarettes making it light.

The brand has penetrated many markets globally due to a continuous review of the production, advertising, and distribution services. Hence, this has led to an increase in sales, thus profit margins. It has also created employment opportunities for many people leading to better leading standards.

During its 50th anniversary in 2013, the brand launched a limited version of the cigarette to celebrate their achievements.