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Gauloises Cigarettes

Gauloises cigarettes are an iconic French cigarette. The term Gauloises refers to a female inhabitant of Gaul, an ancient name for what would become Gauloises CigarettesFrance. The original company was founded in 1910. The company was sold to Altadis and later to Imperial Tobacco due to a decrease of sales and ongoing legal battles. The Gauloises name is currently owned by Imperial Brands who recently changed their name from Imperial Tobacco.

Traditional Gauloises cigarettes were strong unfiltered cigarettes known for their heavy yet pleasant taste. They were made primarily from dark and rich Middle Eastern and French tobaccos for a full-flavored, spicy blend.

For decades, the cigarette brand was viewed as the quintessential French cigarette. It was popular among troops during both world wars. It was considered the patriotic cigarette to smoke. A pack was even included in military rations during World War II. Many iconic French, and later American, artists favored this brand. Famous lovers of this brand include Jim Morrison and Albert Camus. They were also smoked by Bruce Willis in "Die Hard". They were considered a real man's cigarette.

The company later introduced filtered tips to compete with the growing popularity of American brands. However, most preferred to smoke the unfiltered version. The company also shifted away from the stronger tobaccos opting for lighter, blond varieties. The Gauloises Brunes replaced the signature Gauloises Corporal cigarette. They were called Corporal after the black French Corporal tobacco originally used. Production of the cigarettes started in France. However, much of the production has moved to Spain.

Gauloises cigarettes still offer the smoker a premium smoking experience. They are praised for having a pleasant aroma and taste despite their strength. Those looking for a smooth, full-bodied tobacco flavor will enjoy this brand. The company now offers several cigarette options. Its star is still the unfiltered version.

Gauloises Blondes Blue
This is a lighter version of their classic Brunes. Gauloises Blonde Blue is still strong for a blonde, containing .9 mg nicotine and 12 mg tar. These are intended to be a more Americanized cigarette. However, as they are not made from Virginia tobacco the flavor is not as subtle. They are minimally processed and retain a bolder flavor. This full-flavored blend is ideal for those wanting a rich and deep smoking experience.

Gauloises Blondes Red
Gauloises Blondes Red are a lighter cigarette, lower in both tar and nicotine that the Blondes Blue. They contain .7 mg nicotine and 7 mg tar. They still offer their signature rich, bold flavor but without the characteristic heaviness. This is a medium strength cigarette with just the right amount of depth and balance.

Gauloises Blondes Yellow
The Gauloises Blondes Yellow cigarette is the lightest option, with only 4 mg of tar and .4 mg of nicotine. These natural-flavored cigarettes are ideal for those looking to avoid the spicier taste associated with Gauloises cigarettes. They are smooth and fresh and have a fresh tobacco-leaf taste.

Gauloises Brunes Non-Filter
These cigarettes are the most iconic version and most similar to the original cigarette offered by the company. They are an unfiltered option providing maximum flavor. They use a unique blend of French and Turkish tobaccos for a strong yet smooth flavor profile. This hearty cigarette is ideal for those who appreciate a rich, classic cigarette option. Each cigarette contains 12 mg of tar and .7 mg of nicotine.