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History of Cigarette's 1893 - 1927

In 1893, The state of Washington bans the use and sale of cigarettes. Later overturned on restraint of free trade argument.

In 1894, Brown and Williamson formed in Winston-Salem, NC.

In 1895, First motion picture advertisement made. It was a cigarettes ad.

In 1898, A total ban on cigarettes is upheld in the Tennessee supreme court.

In 1899, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Inc. is formed.


By 1900, Iowa, Washington, Tennessee and North Dakota have banned the sale of cigarettes.

In 1900, 4.4 billion cigarettes are sold.

In 1901, By royal decree, Philip Morris & Co. is appointed as royal tobacconist for King Edward VII.

In 1901, 6 billion cigars are smoked. 80% of American men smoke at least one cigar per day.

In 1904, Cigarette coupons first used to promote sales.

In 1906, Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company is established.

In 1908, Canada bans the sale of cigarettes to anyone under the age of 16 years. The ban is not enforced.

In 1909, 15 states have prohibited the sale of cigarettes.

In 1911, Tobacco cultivation is allowed in England for the first time in over 250 years.

In 1912, Diamond Company makes first practical book matches.

In 1912, First scientific link drawn between smoking and cancer.

Camel Advert

In 1913, RJ Reynolds debuts Camel cigarettes.

In 1914, Smoking is prohibited in the chambers of the US Senate.

In 1914, 24,000 cigar factories in the USA. This marks the high point.

In 1919, Rolling tobacco sales surpassed by manufactured cigarettes for the first time.

In 1920, Per capita consumption of cigarettes is 419. Of cigars, 80.

In 1921, Iowa becomes the first state to add its own tax.

In 1922, RJR becomes the #1 tobacco company.

In 1923, Camel has 45% of the US market.

In 1927, Kansas become first state to drop its ban on cigarettes.

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