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John Player Special Cigarettes

The history of cigarettes is a long one, but there are few more well-known than John Player & Sons. Having had a passion for tobacco, John Player opened up a newly bought factory, called the Horizon factory, in 1877. This factory was located in the industrial estate near the Lenton area of Nottingham. Opening up such a company is never cheap. It cost John around £15 million, but it was more than worth it in the long run. John Player & Sons became the leading tobacco producer in all of Britain. Its opening was complete with an orchestra led by Neville Dykes, and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham and his wife were there. With the use of all the latest technology, hundreds of jobs were created in the process. It was a time of prosperity.

John Player's Legacy

Before becoming a successful businessman, John Player sold tobacco on the streets. He did well, managing to earn a respectable living, but he wanted lot more. He bought his first factory in 1877 before moving to a larger area in Radford, Nottingham seven years later. Unfortunately, he didn't get to see much of the new building, as he died several months after it opened. After he passed away from cancer, his two sons, Dane Player and William Goodacre, took over production management, continuing its streak of success far into the future

While other cigarette companies opened now and then, they were not much of a match for John Player & Sons. Their sales increased, leading to more factories in the future. With the coming of the two World Wars, the company drastically increased its number of employees, further improving productivity. Even so, World War II forced them to rely on lower quality products. While the product was still good, they took a massive hit, money-wise.

The low point lasted for a few years, but it all changed in 1966. Realizing that a serious business boost was needed, they released a new product, one that was popular right from the start: Player's No. 6. The new release was so popular that John Player & Sons was initially unable to keep up with the harsh demand. They got it figured out. The No. 6 became one of the best-selling cigarette products in all of Britain.

Kinds of John Player Cigarettes

John Player & Sons isn't just known for one kind of cigarette. Here are a few different kinds of John Player Special Cigarettes:

Over the years, the workforce at John Player & Sons decreased, but not due to reduced product quality. In the time since, technology has grown in such ways that machinery can do the job more quickly than a human can. Originally with almost 7,000 employees, they're down to around 700 spread out through several factories. John Player Special Cigarettes are still in production.