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History of Cigarette's 2009 to 2013

2009 - Words such as "light" and "low-tar" are banned in the U.S. as misleading. Most flavored cigarettes were also banned.

2009 - Jordan, Israel, Brazil and Saudi Arabia ban the sale of e-cigarettes.

2009 - The U.S. federal government implements the highest-ever taxes on cigarettes, increasing many pack prices by over $2.

2009 March - E-cigarettes banned by Canada and Australia. Hong Kong also bans e-cigarettes. All smoke-free tobacco products are banned in Hong Kong.

2009 March - U.S. Customs are directed to reject any attempt to import e-cigarettes as they are a drug delivery device. Smoking Everywhere's e-cigarette shipment was refused.

2009 April - Smoking Everywhere filed a complaint against the FDA for refusing to import their product. They claim that they are a tobacco product and the FDA has no jurisdiction.

2009 April - Health New Zealand releases report funded by Ruyan, that e-cigarettes' toxins and carcinogens are below harmful levels.

2009 June - U.S. President Obama allows the FDA to regulate tobacco with the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

2009 August - Trend Tobacco report states that global tobacco sales declined 19 % versus the same quarter in 2008.

2009 August - Philip Morris is ordered to pay $13.8 million to Jodie Bullock, whose mother died of lung cancer.

2009 August - The first legislation banning smoking e-cigarettes where smoking is prohibited is Suffolk County, N.Y. They are followed by New Jersey.

2009 September - Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland propose a ban on vending machine and point-of-sale cigarette displays.

2009 September - The sale of e-cigarettes on is prohibited.

2010 - In the U.S., cigarettes were responsible for 19.2 % of men's deaths and 15.8 % of women's deaths.

2010 - In the U.S., 19.3% of the population smokes. Among men, 21.5% smoke and among women, 17.3% smoke.

2010 January - Finland wants to phase out all smoking in the entire country.

2010 March - Richmond, Va. hosts the first Vapefest.

2010 March - PMI takes the Norwegian government to court over its ban on point-of-sale tobacco displays. PMI loses the suit and cannot reimplement point-of-sale displays.

2010 March - Australia and Finland adopt fire-safety standards for all cigarettes.

2010 July - Singapore and Marine Corps at Quantico ban e-cigarette use.

2010 July - Anti-smuggling agreement signed between the EU and BAT.

2010 September - Greece, Poland and Barbados ban smoking in public places.

2010 September - Vancouver passes a law banning smoking on all city beaches, parks, sports fields and golf courses.

2010 October - BAT cigarette volumes saw a decline by 1 % due to the recession.

2010 December - FDA is urged by the American Medical Association to regulate e-cigarettes similar to drug delivery devices.

2010 - More than 100 million people have died in the 20th century from tobacco-related deaths. That is more than the deaths from both World Wars combined.

2011 January - Spain bans smoking in public places, including playgrounds.

2011 March - Parts of Canada make it illegal to smoke within a vehicle with a child.

2011 April - In the U.S., the FDA will regulate tobacco products and e-cigarettes under the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act. E-cigarette devices claiming to be smoking cessation tools will be regulated as a medical device.

2011 April - Australia is the first country to standardize all cigarette labels to be plain with large graphic health warnings.

2011 May - BAT acquires Productora Tabacalera, the second-largest Colombian cigarette company.

2011 May - PMI buys the rights to the technology letting individuals inhale nicotine without smoking.

2011 October - E-cigarettes are useful in helping smokers quit, claims BMC Public Health based on the results of the first clinical trial of e-cigarettes.

2011 October - Public housing will be smoke-free in Boston starting in 2012

2011 November - All cigarettes sold in the EU must comply with a reduced ignition propensity requirement.

2012 - As of 2012, Austria has the highest % of smokers at 47 %. Followed by Papua New Guinea at 44 %, Chile 40.6 at %, Russia 39.1 at % and Bulgaria 38.8 at %.

2012 March - In Singapore, the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health is held.

2012 March - Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association is formed, representing the vapor products industry.

2012 April - Blu eCigs is purchased by Lorillard Inc. for $135 million.

2012 November - Parties of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control outlined protocol to reduce tobacco smuggling.

2013 - Over 81 % of the U.S. population lives under some form of a smoking ban.

2013 - All states have a public smoking ban except Alabama, Alaska, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming.

2013 - In the U.S. 17.8 % of the population smokes. Among men, 20.5 % smoke and among women, 15.3 % smoke.

2013 - In the U.S., 25 % of people over 12 years of age admitted to using cigarettes in the past year and 61.8 % in their lifetime. Of those same people, 9.5 % used cigars in the past year and 34 % in their lifetime. Also, 4.5 % used smokeless tobacco in the past year and 17.6 % in their lifetime.

2013 - Due to increased taxes on cigarettes, roll-your-own cigarette tobacco sales have more than doubled since 2000.

2013 - The amount of cigarette butts discarded globally is equal in weight to 177,000 elephants.

2013 July - Ireland and Scotland move forward on implementing standardized cigarette packaging.

2013 August - BAT is the first tobacco company to sell disposable e-cigarettes, named Vype.

2013 September - Imperial Tobacco purchases the Chinese company that invented e-cigarettes.

2013 October - U.K. medical journals will stop publishing research funded by tobacco companies.

2013 November - Ban on public vaping in Italy was lifted.

2013 November - First e-cigarette summit was held in London. It was intended to analyze the science and facts available regarding e-cigarettes.

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