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History of Cigarette's 1500 - 1700's


Sir Francis Drake

In 1573, Sir Francis Drake returns to England from the Americas with 'Nicotina tobacum'.

In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh has his first tobacco experience, thanks to Sir Francis Drake.

In 1595, the first english language book is published about tobacco.


In 1600,Sir Walter Raleigh gets Queen Elizabeth to try smoking tobacco.

In 1604, King James I raises import tax on tobacco 4,000%, from 2 pence/lb to 6 shillings 10 pence/lb. He also writes a piece blasting tobacco use.

In 1610, Sir Francis Bacon writes that tobacco use is on the upswing and that it is a habit hard to stop practicing.

In 1612, John Rolfe grew the first Virginia tobacco crop that was deemed successful.

In 1614, first Virginia tobacco is sold in England.

In 1614, in Spain, Seville is decreed the center of cigar making for spanish grown, New World tobacco. The poor, using left over tobacco from cigars, make the first cigarettes to be smoked in europe.

December 4, 1619, In Virginia, the first american Thanksgiving, thrown to celebrate a good tobacco crop.

Napoleon In 1624, New York City is founded. Specifically the present day Greenwich Village area was for the native indian a place to grow tobacco.

In 1636, In Spain, the oldest tobacco company is founded - Tabacalera.

In 1674, smoking tobacco in Russia can result in the death penalty.

In 1676, in Russia, ban on smoking lifted.


Napolean reportedly used 7 pounds of snuff per month.

Lung cancer is first described. A rare disease at that time. Or perhaps, rarely diagnosed?

In 1730, first New World tobacco factories spring up in Virginia to make snuff.

In 1759, George Washington harvests his first tobacco crop. It is deemed substandard and Washington is deeply in debt by 1761.

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