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History of Cigarette's 1986 - 2000 Castro Smoking a Cigar

In 1986, Cuba's leader, Fidel Castro stops smoking cigars for health related reasons.

In 1987, smoking banned on domestic flights that are under two hours in length.

In 1987, Joe Camel is introduced.

In 1988, Philip Morris revenues top $31 billion.

In 1989, Marlboro brand has captured 24% of the market.

In 1989, a bill banning smoking on all domestic airlines is passed.

In 1991, Marlboro Mediums are introduced to the market.

In 1992, first nicotine patch debuts.

In 1992, Marlboro brand is ranked #1 brand in the world by authoritative magazine.

In 1993, Bill Clinton bans smoking in the White House.

In 1994, McDonald's restaurants ban smoking in all of it's restaurants.

In 1994, Mississippi is first state to sue the tobacco industry for health costs related to smoking.

In 1995, the FDA declares nicotine a drug.

In 1995, the 'Marlboro Man', dies of lung cancer at the age of 73.


In 1997, Philip Morris USA market share tops 50%.

In 1997, Philip Morris revenues top $72 billion.

In 1997, the Federal Trade Commission accuses Joe Camels ads of targeting youths.

In 1997, Joe Camel ads stop.

In 1998, various states settle with tobacco companies over the costs of health related diseases caused by cigarettes.

In 1999, approximately 10 million americans smoke cigars.

In 2000, European Union files suit in New York against RJR, Philip Morris on RICO/smuggling claims.

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