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Winston Cigarettes

An Enduring Brand For Over 60 Years.

Winston cigarettes holds a compelling and important place within the cigarette industry. As one of the industry's most popular brands, it still has a core following. From its creative introduction in the 1950s to its international popularity, Winston has maintained its place among the top brands for over 60 years.
Winston Cigarettes
Cigarettes became popular in the U.S. after World War I, a hard-fought war that ushered in a focus on industry, economics, and trade. The movie industry experienced a boom of their own and moviegoers saw some of the industry's biggest stars smoking during some of the most iconic scenes on the silver screen.

By the 1950s the cigarette market was booming. The RJ Reynolds company had by this time set every modern standard in the cigarette market. The company introduced special packaging to its cigarettes that kept their cigarettes fresh. The company also had a hand in standardizing filtered cigarettes that filtered out tar and nicotine while maintaining its flavor.

In 1954, Winston cigarettes was introduced and quickly became a successful brand. It became the first filtered cigarette to reach commercial success. With the slogan "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should", Winston because one of the most popular tobacco advertising campaigns in history.

Winston was named after Winston-Salem, North Carolina - the RJ Reynolds company corporate operating location. (The company maintained its corporate offices there until it moved to Louisville, Kentucky in the late 1920s). Winston did not take long to find success in the market, and by 1966, it became the number one cigarette brand internationally. This lasted until 1972 when it fell to second behind Marlboro. Yet, the brand remained popular, enjoying a top-10 ranking through today.

Some interesting facts about Winston:

• In 1971, Winston became a major sponsor of NASCAR. Its support of the sport has become a staple with one of the winston cigarettesmajor cup series for the sport being named the "Winston Cup Series."

winston cigarettes • In the 1980s, Winston became the top selling brand in Puerto Rico after its ad campaign "Winston and Puerto Rico, There's Nothing Better" (in Spanish) popularized the brand.

• The 1980s also introduced the "Winston Man", a fictitious, rugged male character that appeared on several billboards at various times across the U.S. The Winston Man made more appearances on billboards than the Marlboro Man.

• The "Winston Tastes Good Like A Cigarette Should" jingle was included as one of the 10 best radio and television jingles the 20th century by Advertising Age magazine.