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Bond Street Cigarettes

Bond Street CigarettesBond Street cigarettes were one of the first cigarettes produced by Philip Morris International. Phillip Morris started out as a young German immigrant in the U.K. He opened a tobacco shop selling rolled cigarettes and tobacco in London's Bond Street in 1847. His son or brother Leopold - there seems to be some doubt as to which - joined him in his work and founded Philip Morris & Company in 1881. The tobacco company was favored by King Edward VII and received a royal warrant to be the royal tobacconist in 1902.

Philip Morris's first hand-rolled cigarettes were called "English Ovals." They were oval-shaped, non-filtered cigarettes and are still produced today in limited quantities. Bond Street cigarettes were originally named "Old Bond Street" after the location of Philip Morris's shop. Philip Morris went on to become one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in the world. Their operational headquarters is currently located in Lausanne, Switzerland. They also own six of the top 15 best-selling cigarette brands in the world.

Bond Street is the fourth best international brand for PMI, just after Parliament, L&M and Marlborough. Bond Street was the company's value brand, offering exceptional quality at an affordable price. They are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. In 2015, over 44 billion Bond Street cigarettes were sold. Bond Street Specials were released in 2006 and were intended to be their premium cigarette. They traditionally come in a classic white and blue box.

Bond Street brand is an English iconic cigarette. The name also is reminiscent of an iconic time and place in British history. Bond Street has been a major shopping area in West London since the early 1700s. The street has always boasted high-end fashion and specialty boutiques. The street links Piccadilly and Oxford Street. To this day, it is one of the most exclusive and desired retail areas in Europe. The street houses many expensive shops to this day including Sotheby's, Bonhams and Tiffany's.

Bond Street was named after Sir Thomas Bond, a wealthy baronet and comptroller to King Charles II's mother. His family motto was "Non Sufficit Orbis" or "The world is not enough." He is the supposed ancestor of the fictional spy James Bond. Even one of the James Bond movies was named after his family motto.

Bond Street Special Box
This smooth smoke is ideal for those looking for a classic cigarette. The unique tobaccos are blended to create the perfect mellow aroma. Savor the lush tobacco taste in this relaxing cigarette experience. The Bond Street Specials are never harsh or bitter.