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Superkings Cigarettes

Superkings cigarette was introduced in 1983. It is 100mm long and was among the first to be longer than the usual king size in the UK, hence the name. This cigarette has a longer filter than the normal cigarette, thus more tobacco due to its length. The brand's primary target market was the female working-class smoker and was popular in 2007. It had a market share of 3.3% in the UK.

Superkings was originally known as John Player. The cigarettes are of a British brand now manufactured and owned by Imperial Tobacco. It is popular in the UK, resulting in an increase in revenue to the government, hence reducing crime rates due to job opportunities.

Types of Superkings Cigarettes

Research on this brand was conducted and noted that the original Superkings black gained the most popularity in 2013 and 2014. Superkings Menthol comes second in the hierarchy, then lastly, Superkings Blue. The cigarettes come in a rectangular carton with different colors depending on the nicotine content and flavor.

There has been a misconception that Superkings cigarettes have low amounts of nicotine, but it is just the quality of the filter. It has many holes allowing free flow and a mixture of smoke and air that makes it light, hence preferred.

Consumption Statistics of Superkings Cigarettes

This brand has captured a large number of consumers over the years. Due to proper research, marketing, advertising, and distribution, it has remained at the top. Though the numbers have gradually reduced, the brand has maintained a significant figure and position in the market.

Apart from the United Kingdom, Superkings is in Germany, Spain, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Netherlands, Ireland, Belarus, and France.
The brand is still conducting extensive customer research and plans to give the cigarettes a modern twist while retaining its identity. One of them is designing a pack that comes with a lighter case. Different materials have been published to promote this cigarette, such as advertising in magazines. It's hoped that the move will attract more consumers leading to an increase in the profit margins.

Superkings has taken part in community development through donations to help the less fortunate. It has also contributed largely to the growth of infrastructure, leading to UK's economic growth.

The brand has adhered to the laws and regulations concerning narcotics and has paid its taxes diligently. It has created employment opportunities for many people, hence improving their lifestyle.