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Lambert & Butler Cigarettes

Lambert & Butler is perhaps the most iconic British cigarette brand. It was created in 1834 by Charles Lambert and Charles Butler. They were both very young, just in their early 20s. Lambert and Butler CigarettesCharles Lambert’s father had run a snuff mill, so he had been around the tobacco industry his whole life. Charles also operated a tobacco shop on Drury Lane. Lambert & Butler were also famous for thier cigars.

Lambert & Butler is currently owned by Imperial Tobacco. Imperial Tobacco was formed in the 1900s by Charles Butler and Charles Lambert and 12 other British tobacco companies. Imperial Tobacco was formed to ward off the American Tobacco Company from taking over the U.K. market. After several years of marketing and territorial battles, they agreed on certain terms and emerged as British-American Tobacco.

For many years, the brand’s advertisements featured a butler character, playing on the name Lambert & Butler. The butler always had something funny to say. In the 1920s they included history of aviation cards in some cigarette packs. The cards are now collectable.

In 2012, the line was refreshed to be more current. Recent additions to the line include Fresh Burst and Profile. The Profile line is a slimmer cigarette which delivers the same level of nicotine as a regular cigarette, but with a shorter smoke time. They are ideal for those smoking on a break or with a busy lifestyle. The Fresh Burst contain a menthol capsule in the filter which, when pressed, bursts minty freshness into the cigarette.

Lambert & Butler have long been one of the top selling cigarette brands in the U.K. The brand is sold as L&B or Lambert & Butler depending on where the cigarettes were manufactured and marketed. They are prized for their heritage, delicious tobacco blends and innovation. They have a slow and steady burn. Cigarette aficionados will surely enjoy these high-quality English smokes.

Lambert & Butler CigarettesLambert & Butler Regular
Lambert & Butler regulars have a fragrant and pronounced tobacco taste. These rich and classic cigarettes deliver 10 mg of tar and .9 mg of nicotine. Savor the bold, smooth, hearty smoke with these timeless cigarettes. They are ideal for anyone wanting a fulfilling tobacco aroma.

Lambert & Butler Gold CigarettesLambert & Butler Gold
These sophisticated, light cigarettes will please any palate. With .5 mg of nicotine and 5 mg of tar, these are a smooth smoke with a fresh, clean tobacco taste. The Golds combine quality and craftsmanship for a perfect aroma and relaxing smoking experience.