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History of Cigarette's 1700 - 1893

1776 Revolution - Tobacco War

In 1760, Lorrilard, the oldest american tobacco company establishes factory in New York city.

In 1770, the first tobacco shop is established in Lancaster, PA.

In 1776, the Revolutionary War, also known as the Tobacco War commences. Americans use tobacco to build credits with which to finance the war.

In 1794, in America, the first excise tax is imposed. It equals 60% of the price of the tobacoo(snuff only).


French prostitutes are the first women seen smoking in public in France.

In 1805-1807, Nicotine, the chemical compound is first isolated.

In 1820, first american women observed smoking in public in Santa Fe.

In 1826, England is importing only 26 lbs of cigars per year. By 1830, England is importing 250,000 lbs per year.

In 1828, first complete pharmacological treatise completed on nicotine. It was concluded to be dangerous.

In 1843, the correct molecular formula for nicotine established.

In 1847, Philip Morris is open for business in England. They sell hand rolled Turkish cigarettes.

In 1852, matches are introduced making smoking a lot easier.

In 1854, Philip Morris begins making its own cigarettes in London, on Bond Street.

In 1860, manufactured cigarettes make their debut.

Early Matches

In 1862, first federal tax on cigarettes. Thought to be imposed to help pay for civil war.

In 1864, first federal excise tax on cigarettes.

In 1873, Philip Morris dies.

In 1875, $75,000 offered for first practical cigarette rolling machine.

In the 1880's, Benson and Hedges opens tobacco shop in London.

In 1881, Philip Morris sells stock to the public.

In 1890, USA per capita consumption of chewing tobacco peaked at 3 lbs.

In 1892, book matches are invented but fail to catch on(but not on fire).

In 1893, nicotine is first synthesized.

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