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Rothman Cigarettes

The cigarette brand Rothmans has a history spanning over a century. They have supplied the British army with their distinctive cigarettes and were awarded a royal warrant in 1905. Since then, the brand has grown. They still maintain a prestigious place in tobacco history. Read on to learn more.

The Beginning

In the year 1890, a small kiosk opened on Fleet Street in London. Louis Rothman was an immigrant from Ukraine, where he initially worked for his Uncle in the tobacco trade. Within a few years of opening, he had multiple shops around London. One of these stores was on Pall Mall Street. Here he launched his famous Pall Mall brand of cigarettes. These are unrelated to the American brand of the same name.

Louis Rothman was fortunate to attract the attention of several prominent members of the British aristocracy. This resulted in a prestigious Royal Warrant, a form of endorsement by the Royal Family. His cigarettes grew in popularity, even being distributed to British soldiers during the first world war.

After the war ended he formed a partnership with his son, Sydney. This proved to be a wise move, as his son propelled the business forward considerably. A mail-order business began in 1922, called the Rothman’s Direct-to-Smoker Service. Soon their cigarettes were popular across the British Commonwealth.

Louis Rothman passed away in 1926, remembered as a considerate and charitable man.

Growing The Business

Sydney Rothman listed the company on the London Stock Exchange in 1929, and growth continued through the second world war. They estimate that over a billion Rothman cigarettes were distributed to soldiers fighting in the conflict.

By 1958, the company merged with Carreras, another British tobacco firm. Carreras acquired Alfred Dunhill and other brands over the next two decades. In 1972, they renamed the organization Rothmans International. That same year they became sponsors of the British Olympic team.

The firm changed hands once again in 1999 and was absorbed into British American Tobacco. Since then they have continued producing exceptional tobacco products.

Classic Cigarettes

The brand is famous for its two styles of cigarettes. Rothmans King Size Cigarettes were the first king-size cigarettes manufactured in the UK. They are noted for their smooth taste. Rothmans International Cigarette comes in a distinctive and elegant box. Like the Kings, they have a wonderful flavor and a pleasant aftertaste.

This classic brand has lasted for generations because of its exceptional quality and taste.