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Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Since 1871, Lucky Strike has been one of the most popular and profitable cigarette companies in the world. Over the last century, the company has boasted numerous celebrity endorsements and highly successful advertisement campaigns. Lucky Strike CigarettesIn recent years, the period television series Mad Men featured the brand in several episodes, boosting its sales worldwide.

Almost 150 years later, smokers still love their Lucky Strikes. The company continues to be one of the top-selling cigarette brands. What many people don't know is that the company's history is as unique and exciting as the smooth and bold flavor of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

The History of Lucky Strikes

Back in the late 19th century, tobacco company R.A. Patterson introduced Lucky Strike as a chewing tobacco. When Lucky Strike was founded, the name was based off of a term used to describe the lucky individuals who struck gold during the California Gold Rush that was going on at the time. To this day, nobody knows the name of the person who founded the company.

By 1905, Lucky Strike had been bought by the American Tobacco Company. Shortly after, the brand adapted its new slogan, "It's Toasted", referring to the process through which the tobacco was manufactured. While many competing cigarette brands dried their leaves out in the sun, Lucky Strike toasted the tobacco leaves as a way of improving the flavor of the cigarettes.

Between 1925 and 1930, Lucky Strike sales more than doubled. This was partially the result of an overall increase in smoking across the country during the "roaring twenties" but was also the result of a clever ad campaign that promoted Lucky Strike cigarettes as a weight loss aid to women who were self-conscious of their figures.

Because so many cigarette companies were geared toward men, Lucky Strike decided to try to gain more female customers. In 1929, the company organized the "Torch of Freedom" parade, giving women packs of cigarettes to hold while they marched down the streets of New York City. The parade was an effort to challenge gender norms as smoking cigarettes was considered more of a masculine activity. 

During the next couple of decades, the company began to feature celebrities in their ad campaigns. Movie and television stars like Claudette Colbert, Barbara Stanwyck and Lucille Ball were featured in large color photographs smoking Lucky Strike cigarettes. These advertisements were placed in popular magazines and on large billboards.

Up until World War II, Lucky Strike cigarette packs were dark green. However, during the war, the company made the decision to change the packs to be red and white. Although the company claimed at the time that the change was an effort to preserve copper, a metal that was needed for various productions during the war, it was in fact an attempt to modernize the brand's image and appeal more to women. Research had demonstrated that women were turned off by the dark green color.

For the last several decades, Lucky Strike cigarettes have continued to be one of the most beloved cigarette brands in the world. The brand's iconic packaging has been referenced in pop culture throughout the last 50 years. Although the popularity of cigarette advertising has declined, smokers remain devoted to their pack of Lucky Strikes.

Today, the brand offers a variety of flavors in an effort to appeal to different tastes. Customers can now choose from the following:

Lucky Strike Click & Roll:These cigarettes contain a menthol-filled sac that can be activated by clicking the filter. When the filter is clicked, the customer can enjoy a smooth menthol flavor. This cigarette is ideal for people who enjoy both menthol and classic tobacco flavors.

Lucky Strike Red:This is the original flavor that smokers have been loyal to for over a century. The toasted leaves ensure a smooth yet strong flavor and a pleasant aroma.

Lucky Strike Blue:Formerly known as Lucky Strike Silver, this flavor is slightly smoother and more mild than the traditional reds.