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Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill cigarettes brand is owned by British American Tobacco. The brand was started by Alfred Dunhill. He first entered the tobacco scene by opening several tobacco shops in 1907. His shops were known for their gentlemen-club atmosphere and range of tobacco products. He focused on hand-mixed tobacco blends, selling to a wealthier clientele. He expanded rapidly, and by the 1960s had stores in over 100 countries. He was tobacconist to Winston Churchill and Edward, Prince of Wales.

While operating his shops, Alfred started rolling and producing his own cigarettes. He was the first to include a filter on the end of cigarettes. The filter was cotton wool. The cigarette was marketed as a cleaner and more hygienic cigarette. It was called Absorbal, so named due to the filter addition. Alfred Dunhill also owned a luxury goods store where he produced smoking pipes, leather goods and a variety of other high-end products. He also invented the first lighter that could be lit using just one hand.

Dunhill cigarettes are considered a premium cigarette. They are additive-free and made from 100 percent Virginian tobacco. There are many different styles available, ranging in price and flavor. They are known for their natural sweetness from quality tobacco. They are longer burning cigarettes due to paper choice and tobacco quality.

Dunhill Button Blue is a light cigarette, one of the lightest in the line. Overall, it has a clean, crisp flavor with a hint of sweetness. It is still additive-free and does not have a chemical taste.

Dunhill Button Red is a heartier cigarette, with 1 mg of nicotine. Even though it has a bolder flavor than the Blue line, it is still extremely smooth. The Dunhill Button Red is ideal for those looking for a rich-tasting tobacco cigarette.

Dunhill Capsule Black Green cigarettes are a perfectly balanced menthol option. These offer an updated packaging look and innovative blend of tobaccos. They come with a filter that releases extra menthol when activated.

Dunhill International Red cigarettes are a smooth and creamy blend of Virginian tobacco. The International Red cigarette offers a bold, full-flavored - yet sweet - smoking experience. With 1.2 mg of nicotine and 12 mg of tar, these are among the strongest from the Dunhill line.

Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes are famous for their unique tobacco cutting technique. Each inch of tobacco is cut 46 times. This gives the cigarettes a pleasant yet distinct tobacco flavor. This ensures a smooth draw with every inhale. Cigarette connoisseurs recognize and appreciate this line for its quality and delicate flavor. The Fine Cut line has several variations including Dunhill Fine Cut Gold, Dunhill Fine Cut Black and Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol.

The Fine Cut Gold cigarette is a unique and light blend of tobacco. It offers the smoker a clean and mild taste. Dunhill brand's signature sweetness is well-balanced with rich tobacco flavor, making this a smooth and easy cigarette option.

Dunhill Fine Cut Black cigarettes are a bold, full-flavored option. This special blend is ideal for those looking for a real cigarette taste without being too harsh. They are a perfect blend of creamy and strong.

Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol or Green cigarettes offer a blend of minty freshness with exotic tobaccos. These use the distinct chambered filter to deliver a smoother and cleaner taste. This is a medium blend, not too light or too full flavored, perfectly balanced with minty freshness.

The Dunhill brand encapsulates luxury and quality. With the variety of these premium cigarettes, everyone can find their preferred taste profile. Their attention to detail and flavor makes Dunhill one of the leading cigarette choices among cigarette connoisseurs.