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Kent Cigarettes

Kent Cigarettes
The Kent brand of cigarettes was introduced in 1952 by the Lorillard Tobacco Company. It is named after one of the company's executives, Herbert Kent. They were one of the first brands to promote filtered cigarettes as a healthier smoking alternative. The timing could not have been better as a study had been published that year outlining the potential harm of unfiltered cigarettes. Their sales skyrocketed.

Kent cigarettes enjoyed tremendous popularity until the 1970s. As more companies began to offer filtered cigarettes, Kent began to lose sales. Lorillard then sold the overseas rights of Kent to British American Tobacco. Lorillard was then acquired by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 2015.

Kent cigarettes have always been known for their quality tobacco and genuine cigarette taste. In recent years, Kent has been on the forefront of cigarette innovation. They especially focused on their futuristic packaging and cigarette technology. One innovation is the HD Surround taste system which uses special filters and perforation methods to control air flow. The HD Surround taste system reduces overall harshness and magnifies the natural, smooth, clean tobacco flavor of the cigarette.

Kent Surround Silver
Landing nicely between a light and a full-flavored cigarette, the Surround Silver uses Kent's exclusive technology to deliver a perfect smoking experience. Having just 4 mg of tar and .4 mg of nicotine, this silky smoke will satisfy every time.

Kent Silver HD King Size
These slim, elegant cigarettes provide a subtle tobacco flavor with a sweet aroma. They are ideal for those wanting a soft, light, fresh cigarette. They contain 4 mg of tar and .4 mg of nicotine.

Kent Switch Futura
The Switch Futura cigarettes contain 7 mg of tar and .5 mg of nicotine. They have an innovative filter that releases menthol freshness when “switched”. This medium-bodied smoke offers a relaxing and minty smoking experience.

Kent Deluxe 100s
The Deluxe 100s are a true, full-bodied cigarette. The perfect balance of richness and spice meet up in this deluxe formula. With 10 mg of tar and .7 mg of nicotine, the smoker will enjoy a rich high-quality smoke without any harsh aftertaste.

Kent Nanotek Silver SS King Size
For a slim, elegant cigarette with a light, easy smoke, choose the Nanotek Silver SS. They contain only 4 mg of tar and .4 mg of nicotine. One will be truly satisfied with this light and flavorful cigarette option.

Kent Blue Futura 100s
Blue Futura 100s pack a smooth tobacco punch. These fragrant, rich cigarettes are the perfect, full-bodied option. The high-quality tobacco burns clean and deeply flavorful. They contain 9 mg of tar and .8 mg of nicotine.

Kent Nanotek White Super Slims
These are a lighter Kent cigarette option. With 1 mg of tar and .2 mg of nicotine, these provide a clean, silky smoke. There is no harsh aftertaste with these whites. With a very faint aroma, these are perfect for those wishing to avoid a harsh cigarette smell.

Kent Silver Neo 100s Charcoal Triple Filter
With 6 mg of tar and .5 mg of nicotine, the Neo Silver are the perfect light cigarette. The unique charcoal filter enhances the aroma and mouthfeel of the smooth tobacco, removing any harshness. One can truly relax and savor the soft, sweet tobacco and pleasant draw these cigarettes provide.

Kent Surround Green
The Surround Green cigarette is a medium-light menthol option with 4 mg of tar and .4 mg of nicotine. These offer the perfect balance of fresh menthol and lush tobacco for a clean refreshing smoke.

Kent King Size
These are a more robust cigarette from the Kent line, offering the smoker 12 mg of tar and .9 mg of nicotine. They use their signature charcoal filter to enhance the smooth flavor. These cigarettes are best for someone looking for a high-quality, hearty, traditional cigarette taste.

Kent Navy Blue
Navy Blue Kent cigarettes are a rich but clean tasting full-flavored option. Not sweet or heavy, they smoke like a light cigarette but with the velvety smoke and strong tobacco flavor of a full-bodied cigarette. They contain 8 mg of tar and .7 mg of nicotine.