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American Legend Cigarettes

American Legend CigarettesAmerican Legends cigarettes are a Greek cigarette, released in 1980, and made by the Karelia Tobacco Company. Karelia Tobacco was founded in 1888 by the Karelia brothers, Strathis and George. It is the largest and oldest tobacco company in all of Greece. Even though it is one of the fastest growing independent cigarette companies in the world, it is still owned and operated by the same family. In fact, over 90 percent of the company's stock shares are family owned. The company's headquarters is located in Kalamata, Greece, which is the same area famous for traditional Greek Kalamata olives.

The company exports cigarettes to over 65 countries. The company also has exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute several American and European brands in Greece including Winston and Camel. Over 85 percent of the company's sales are from international markets.

Even though the Karelia Tobacco Company is now a large corporation, employees are still treated like family. They believe in transparency and supporting their employees through teamwork and respect. They are also heavily involved in the preservation of Greece culture, including dance, music and art. The company also focuses on innovation and uses one of the fastest cigarette producing machines, capable of producing 16,000 cigarettes per minute.

The Karelia Tobacco Company has a family of brands marketed towards the Greek and International markets. The most notable brand is the one carrying its own name, Karelia. They released America Legends to mimic a true American classic cigarette. They contain a unique blend of tobaccos from around the world. American Legends are smoked in Greece but are more popular in Asia and Eastern Europe.

American Legends have a very straight forward line. There are only three varieties, Red, White and Menthol. They are well known for having a perfect balance of strength and smoothness. The cigarettes have a good burn time and no harsh aftertaste. Although it is produced with high-quality tobacco, American Legends are typically a value-priced cigarette.

American Legends Red
The American Legend Reds are the company's stronger, full-bodied option. They are a robust cigarette with a smooth yet spicy tobacco flavor. These are ideal for those who prefer a no-nonsense cigarette, just unadulterated tobacco flavor with a pleasant taste. These cigarettes contain 10 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine.

American Legends White

American Legend Whites are their light cigarette version. With these, one can relish a luscious, balanced tobacco aroma. The 7 mg of tar and .7 mg of nicotine provide the perfect blend of real cigarette taste and silky smooth smoking experience. These cigarettes are ideal for smokers who crave a light tobacco flavor with a delicate, clean burn.

American Legend Menthol

Unlike many menthol cigarettes, American Legends Menthols are not a light cigarette. They offer the smoker the same rich tobacco taste as a regular cigarette, but with the fresh, cooling addition of menthol. For those looking for a hearty smoke paired perfectly with the coolness of mint, this cigarette would be an ideal choice. It contains 8 mg of tar and .8 mg of nicotine.