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Stop Smoking - A recommended method from the US Surgeon General

Here is a five day countdown pretty much as stated in the US Surgeon General's report. We've added some useful stuff, however, so this isn't a straight quote from the report.

Stop Smoking a 5-Day Countdown

Follow this 5-day countdown to your quit date. 

5 Days Before Your Quit Date

Think about your reasons for quitting.

Tell your friends and family you are planning to quit. This creates peer pressure for you to follow through.

Stop buying cigarettes.

4 Days Before Your Quit Date

Pay attention to when and why you smoke.

Think of other things to hold in your hand instead of a cigarette.

Think of habits or routines to change. Spending the evenings in a movie theater rather than a bar might be an example. 

3 Days Before Your Quit Date

What will you do with the extra money when you stop buying cigarettes?

Think of who to reach out to when you need help. 

2 Days Before Your Quit Date

Buy the nicotine patch or nicotine gum. Lozenge's are another possibility. Click here for a coupon worth $3 off on any of this products bought in a neighborhood store. 7 day Smoke Away can also help.

Or see your doctor to get the nicotine inhaler, nasal spray, or the non-nicotine pill. Zyban is the pill of choice here. Click here for Zyban purchasing and product details. 

1 Day Before Your Quit Date

Put away lighters and ashtrays.

Throw away all cigarettes and matches.

Clean your clothes to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke. 

Quit Day

Keep very busy.

Remind family and friends that this is your quit day.

Stay away from alcohol and places where alcohol is served.

Give yourself a treat, or do something special. 


If you "slip" and smoke, don't give up. Set a new date to get back on track.

Call a friend or "quit smoking" support group.

Eat healthy food and get exercise.

Note that although this report from the Surgeon General should contain some of the best ideas for quitting for the greatest number of people, some of you will prefer other, perhaps more exotic programs. On the other hand, some of you will undoubtedly just cold turkey your way through the quitting smoking ordeal. One place we've found that sells non-mainstream products for people trying to quit is . They have things like non-nicotine herbal patches. Not sure if any of this works better than a placebo but at least it shouldn't be dangerous. They also carry products that smokers might want or need such as air purifiers.

Note that the above is not intended as a substitute for consulting with a qualified medical authority such as your physician.